How it all began

We are all aware of the pressures and stresses of life and we know how this can undermine mental and physical wellbeing. For men, the bad news is that sexual wellness and performance ratings can be affected too. 

As a way forward, people are looking to natural health supplements together with a more plant-based diet to inject some goodness into their regime and support a healthy lifestyle. Through a shared passion, the managements team collaborated to not only formulate a range of natural products that can help improve quality of life, but also to create a brand that could resonate with men of all ages, a brand that appeals.

‘As a former rugby player and endurance athlete, it had never occurred to me that sexual performance could ever become an issue. Fast forward a few years and a stressful job, that situation changed. Talking to my friends, I discovered I was far from being alone. Men just don’t know how to ask for help’.

Roger Hitchings / COO

Why Idavoll?

As fans of Norse Mythology, we love that recent films and TV shows have added a human side to the Norse Gods, in many cases, a fallible side that we can all relate to. That’s why we chose to call our brand Idavoll, after the land that the Gods visited to repair and rearm their bodies and souls between the great battles of Ragnarok.

The Next Chapter

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What does it mean to ‘Be a Legend’?

To us, you don’t need to be a battle-hardened Norse warrior to be a legend. Our legends are men who can proudly take a small step to take some responsibility to:

  • Address their own sexual wellness and hygiene 
  • Know how to check for STDs and early signs of serious disease
  • Being considerate to their partner/s need