Idavøll® in Norse Mythology

Idavøll® In Norse Mythology

Inspired by the myths and legends of Norse mythology, we are proud to bear the brand name of Idavøll® on our products. Idavøll® is the mythical plain of the Æsir and played an important role in the rise and re-birth of the Norse Gods. From those myths and legends, a culture developed and thrived for centuries, and left a lasting influence throughout Northern Europe and beyond.

At Idavøll®, we imagine what shrubs and herbs could have thrived in those mythical lands that gave rise to tales of strength, endurance and survival.

Of course, in modern times we can’t all be Norse gods. But when used as part of a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, we hope that Idavøll® can inspire you too to BE A LEGEND!

The myth


Ancient Viking Poem Scroll

This eddic poem Völuspá describes Iðavöllr as the meeting-place of the Æsir, where they built shrines and temples as well as forges to make iron tools:

The Æsir met
on Ida's plain;
they altar-steads and temples
high constructed;
their strength they proved,
all things tried,
furnaces established,
precious things forged,
formed tongs,
and fabricated tools;

In stanza 58, it is where the surviving gods shall meet after the cataclysmic events of Ragnarök:
The Æsir meet
on Ida's plain,
and of the mighty
earth-encircler speak,
and there to memory call their mighty deeds,
and the supreme god's ancient lore.

Icelandic historian, poet, and politician Snorri Sturluson (born 1179) places Iðavöllr in the middle of Ásgarðr. He says that after Ragnarök Víðarr, Váli, Baldr and Höðr shall dwell at Iðavöllr, and that Thor's sons Magni and Móði will receive their father's hammer there. The survivors shall find in the grass those golden tables (charts) which the Æsir had had.

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